mal-ena-deactivated20130901 said:

Yes, but it doesn't change the fact that this blog is amazing and you're very talented and creative.

thank you <3

mal-ena-deactivated20130901 said:

I think I just found heaven, but not for too long, unfortunately. I swear, I won't survive without your gifs/edits/graphics.

we’re glad you like our blog but as you can see, we haven’t posted anything in a really long while :(

lol i just answered messages that we received months ago

i’m lazy and i’m sorry :) also we need a makeover cause our icon and theme and everything is too old :)

theycallmespitfirex said:


when we get back to business, yes :) now we’re kinda on a really really really long hiatus. sorry guys

occultloverwiccangirl said:

OMFG I LOVE your Dean/Katherine, Sam/Katherine and Dean-Sam-Katherine. You guys are AWESOME! Keep up the bitchin' work so I can come back and see more. Also I know this isn't crossover or anything but could one of you by chance make a Dean, Katherine, Sam and Amy Lee gif? Just ask.

we’re not really active on this blog now… but i think we’ll be back when we have more time :) sorry

scarlettcromwell said:

OMG DO NOT DELETE! This is flawless <3 always gives me inspiration! <3 :3

We’re glad :) And no, we’ll leave it as it is, I suppose.

kathpetrovass said:

oh my god you posted something again (hyperventilates)

omg it was by mistake!!!! it was a max irons gifset i meant to reblog on my main blog *_* sorry for the mistake

s-upern4tural said:

hey, i love your blog, can you suggest any other blogs that have dean/katherine dean/elena sam/katherine sam/elena castiel/katherine or castiel/elena? :) thanks

HI! Thanks, though we don’t post as much as we used to anymore… I haven’t heard of any crossover blogs but if I come across any I’ll post them here, okay?

silvervenusblue-deactivated2012 said:

I love your Blog. specially Katherine + Dean gifs.<3

thanks :)

konstanzisland said:

omg, I love your tumblr! love Dean/Katherine ships... I Hope that you keep doing gifs :)

thanks! :)